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Orchid Park is Located in Consolacion, Cebu, The Philippines

Orchid Park is located on the Island of Cebu, 14 km. North of Cebu City, 9 km (lat/lng 10.382003, 123.974263). from Mactan International airport, just off the highway going from Consolacion to the North. It is one and a half hour SuperCat ride away from the famous diving spots off Bohol. But the beach in Lilo-an is only a 15 min jeepney ride away! 5 min. walk to Main Road, 10 min. walk to a modern hospital (Mendero Medical Center), 15 min walk to shopping mall (SM Consolacion).
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About Consolacion

Consolacion is located roughly 12.5 road kilometers north of Cebu city. Forming part of the Metropolitan Cebu area, Consolacion streches some 15 kilometers from north to south and the width at its widest point approxomately 5 kilometers lying within the north latitudes at 10° 29' and the east longitudes of 123° 55' and 124° 00' geographical frame. Consolacion is bounded on the north by the municipality of Lilo-an, on the south by the city of Mandaue, on the east by the Mactan Channel and on the west by the city of Cebu and the municipality of Compostela.

History of the Municipality

The Municipality of Consolacion used to be a component barangay, providing much of the labour requirements of the big city. Consolacion became a separate town in 1871. However, in 1902 and 1903, unable to maintain her status as an independent municipality, she again became a part of Mandaue.

Finally in 1920, Consolacion was again made an independent municipality after a petition for it's restoration into a separate town, was granted by the governor. Today, Consolacion is a robust residential urban municipality with a vigourous economy , providing a place to live for staff employed in the neighbouring cities of Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu and Cebu.

Political Subdivision: 21 Barangays

Consolacion is subdivided into 21 barabgays distributed on its approxomately 3,900 hectares area and space. Seventy percent of the total area of the town is above or highland mountains 18 percent foreshore land. The contours are irregular and the highest point is a bout 500 meters above sea level.

The population of Consolacion is fast-growing with an intercensal growth rate of 50.45% from 1980 to 1990. Annual average growth rate in 1980-1990 is 4.16%. Population density in 1990 is 980.7 persons per square kilometer while in the recent survey shows 1.262. The demographic distribution profile of Consolacion shows a densely populated lowland barangays and sparsely populated upland barangays within the commercial area along the existing national highway.

Consolacion's recent economic trend is towards the development of operation of housing/subdivision facilities even with the presence of several medium size manufacturing industries. Consolacion has become a residential urban municipality.
Tayud, the industrial peninsula of Consolacion is industrial and commercial.

Consolacion, centrally located North of Cebu City, is often visited by distinguished callers and visitors. In the last three years, we hosted a number of official visits; many, including foreigners, have been persuaded that Consolacion is the better place to settle.

Especially retired Cebuanos from the United States would be attracted to a municipality like Consolacion for their final golden years back home, enjoying the peaceful rural hills surrounding them and sharing the fruits of a long and often hard life overseas with deserving folks at home.

The Mayor supports the speeding up of the title-issuing process, enabling capital and bank-lending to flow into the rural barangays.

Above all, the Mayor is a great believer in the need for cleanliness in his Municipality and has organized on-going seminars to educate the people on proper garbage disposal.

Hope you will find time to see and enjoy the hospitality of Consolacion's people and the helpfulness of the town's officials.