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Why Cebu?

There is currently an explosive growth of English language schools in Cebu, mostly catering for Korean and Japanese students.

The reasons why they are there are obvious. The Philippines is an Asian country where students from Asia, used to Asian food and and Asian environment, feel comfortable with the local culture. (particularly Cebu has a strong Chinese element: 25% of the population of Cebu City consists of descendants of Chinese immigrants)

It is the perfect bridge for beginning students who have the ambition to become fluent in English, but are not confident or proficient enough to make the immersion directly into an Anglo- Saxon culture.
It is only a short flight from China and thus also an attractive option for cost conscious students.
As a bonus, it has tropical beaches offering the possibility for your expatriate teachers to combine a short course English immersion program for their students with an escape from the Chinese winter climate.

The Philippines, like India, uses English to communicate between the many different language groups in the country, often in preference over the national language, Tagalog. It uses English in newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

The country also attracts impecunious American retirees, (some 100.000 already) who can be recruited as conversation tutors or tour guides. The living expenses for expatriates outside Manila are low and qualified native speaking teachers of English are cheaper there than anywhere in Asia.

For those who consider the outsourcing business, Cebu has first class Universities, and, more importantly, many better English speaking eager graduates than Metro Manila, who are also willing to work for lower salaries, because the cost of living is still considerably lower in Cebu.

Conversion into a nursing home for retirees is another potential option.

A great side benefit is that for international flights, you never have to deal any more with that exasperating Manila airport...

BTW, this article about emigration from America makes disquieting reading for Americans. Sentiments like these are starting to appear more and more and research shows that Real Estate sites in places like Canada, New Zealand and the Philippines are getting increasingly more visitors from the USA.

If you are interested to accommodate students or establish a school in Orchid Park, you can contact the owner of Orchid Park directly.

If your are in the outsourcing business and interested to make Orchid Park your headquarters, contact the owner here.

In any case: Mabuhay and success with your business venture in Cebu!