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Orchid Park is a 1 hectare (2.5 acre) compound in Cebu, Philippines.

Property Features:
  • Orchid Park is close to the airport (9 km) and within striking distance of Cebu City (14km).
  • The property features a large, airflow-cooled, single story residential building with almost 500 sq.m floor space (over 5000 sq. ft.) which could be remodeled for office space, a restaurant or a boutique hotel.
  • There is a gatehouse for a caretaker, a guest cottage in the garden and a canteen for the staff.
  • The mature 2.5 acre garden is an oasis of bird life and includes a jacuzzi-style swimming pool.
  • 5 min. walk to Main Road, 10 min. walk to a modern hospital (Mendero Medical Center), 15 min walk to shopping mall (SM Consolacion).

Orchid Park Development According to Tenant Specifications Possible developments:
  • Modern, campus style office space
  • School (e.g. language school)
  • Clinic, laboratories or wellness centre
  • Boutique hotel/restaurant
  • Residential home for expat retirees